Ibiza Therapy
Tue, 10/10/2017 - 12:22

Ibiza Therapy: gastronomy, music and fun at Gran Hotel Montesol to liven up the winter

The trend magazine Ibiza Style presents Ibiza Therapy, a new, exclusive gastronomic event at Gran Hotel Montesol Ibiza on the first Thursday of every month to enliven this autumn / winter.


After an intense season of closing parties in Ibiza and to face the arrival of autumn with a smile, the publication Ibiza Style revolutionizes this winter's calendar of events on the island by presenting Ibiza Therapy, a new, exclusive gastronomic event at one of the most emblematic and beloved places in Ibiza, the Gran Hotel Montesol Ibiza Curio Collection by Hilton, a historical, stylishly decorated establishment located right at the heart of the historic centre that has been a fundamental part of the social and cultural life of the island ever since the 1940s and where the widest range of celebrities stayed whilst in Ibiza.


Ibiza Therapy kicks off with a first event on Thursday, October 12, 2017 starting at 7 pm in the Café and Restaurant of the Gran Hotel Montesol Ibiza Curio Collection by Hilton, with the promise of a fun, unforgettable evening that will feature an exquisite dinner prepared by a Michelin star chef and will finish with dancing to the music of Dj Howard Hill.


Every first Thursday of the month throughout the winter, those attending Ibiza Therapy will be received in a fun photocall, where they will be depicted by a photographer disguised as a doctor who is going to take a comic photo of them in the style of an old X-ray. The snapshots will be instantly uploaded to Facebook and Instagram, although guests can also take a printed one home as a souvenir of this special night for only €5.


After immortalizing their arrival and being attended by beautiful nurses, those who come will be able to savour delicious snacks and cocktails in the bar of Gran Hotel Montesol Ibiza while enjoying the most refreshingly lively music. What is more, Dave, Montesol's bartender, has created for the occasion a special Ibiza Therapy cocktail, although any drink on the menu will, of course, also be served.


At around 20:00 or 21:00, an exquisite healthy dinner made with local produce from Ibiza and designed by The Therapy Chef, a prestigious Michelin-star chef, will be served in the restaurant. The mysterious chef protagonist is a recognized professional pioneer in organic gastronomy whose philosophy is based on the use of natural and healthy ingredients, given the importance of what we eat to our general well-being. As Hippocrates already said many years ago: "Let your food be your medicine." Because the fact is that the food we eat can increase the levels of serotonin in our minds and make us happier. Ibiza Therapy sets out to improve our state of mind, body and soul by enjoying an haute cuisine dinner on the same level that we would find in a Michelin star restaurant. The nickname "The Therapy Chef" is the way in which this great cook, who works regularly for some of the best-known personalities from the world of music, cinema and business, seeks to avoid the status that goes with being an internationally recognized name, in order to be able to focus with total freedom and passion on developing from the heart genuinely healthy food based on local produce that transmits the most authentic emotions.


As regards the dinner, the main highlight of Ibiza Therapy, there will be an exclusive Chef Table for just 12 people where a more extensive menu will be served, "The Therapist's Consultation", consisting of aperitives such as nori crunch and wakame salad, among others, and a menu of six dishes with proposals such as Ibizan red prawn mi-cuit or cod confit with different textures. This complete menu costs €118 and includes later wine and snacks in the Belgian-style French fries party with truffle mayonnaise and parmesan sauce.


The smaller "The Gourmet Therapy" menu, costing €49 and consisting of appetizers and a three-course menu will be served in the restaurant. The restaurant has a limited capacity of 40 diners, meaning it is essential to reserve a place for the event. In addition, there will be an area in the bar with high tables where you can taste delicious snacks in a more informal way. The menus in full are attached at the end of the Press Release.


Those in attendance can choose to be part of the exclusive Chef Table, dine on the somewhat reduced menu in the restaurant, enjoy the atmosphere and the tasty snacks at the bar in a more informal manner or also, for those who want to have a complete healing experience, enjoy a luxurious package of one night's stay at Montesol, breakfast included, and dinner at the Chef Table.


After dinner, in a totally voluntary way, those who wish to can contribute to helping improve the conditions of hospitalized children by directly donating a cash amount of their choice or obtaining tickets for a raffle of varied gifts given by several sponsors that will take place towards midnight.


To end the evening with the best taste in your mouth, from midnight until 2 o'clock it's time to digest the dinner by dancing and enjoying the best musical therapy by some of the best-known DJs on the local scene, names such as Tom Crane, Scott Gray of Melon Bomb and Howard Hill. Each week it will be the turn of a different artist, but the fun is guaranteed. In addition, snacks based on Belgian-style chips with truffle mayonnaise and parmesan sauce will be served to accompany the drinks and cocktails.


With Ibiza Therapy nights, Ibiza Style offers you the best and most complete therapy to cope with the arrival of winter on the island.




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