Sabores de Ibiza Café Montesol

The flavours of Ibiza at Café Montesol

Widely loved and practiced by the locals as a hallmark of their identity and culture, Ibizan cuisine is experiencing an exciting renaissance, propelled by the administrations’ commitment to popularise it internationally and position it on the map of the culinary avant-garde, and by the efforts of a new generation of chefs, who—inspired by the work of their predecessors—are reviving traditional recipes, updating flavours, incorporating new techniques, rescuing products that had fallen out of favour, and adding ingredients that research and development into the art and science of gastronomy have rendered edible.

Creativity and advancement aside, these updates and enhancements have reconnected chefs and restaurants with producers, farmers, ranchers, biologists, oceanographers, ecologists, vintners, intellectuals and historians. The culinary history of Ibiza is one of subsistence, dating back millennia, that combines the characteristics and nuances of a melting pot of cultures, from the Phoenicians, who introduced wine and salt, to the Moors, who used spices and developed the system of agriculture exemplified by Ses Feixes, once the bread basket of Ibiza; not to mention the influences of Catalonia and the abundant sea.

From bullit de peix, a seafarer’s stew, to sofrit payès or Ibiza’s rural dish par excellence, the burrida de ratjada, the ensalada de costras and the ever-popular aioli, traditional Ibizan cuisine is prepared with products from the land and sea, with hallmarks like black pork, lamb, sobrasada, John Dory, gerret, grouper, and red scorpion fish, in addition to red prawns, spiny lobster, pearly razorfish, sea cucumber, and most recently, the posidonia and salicornia, to say nothing of the figs, almonds, citrus fruit, and carob trees.

Exquisite, compelling, amazing, and local. In Ibiza, not only do people eat well, but gastronomy symbolises, above all, a respect for nature and roots. We share this philosophy at Café Montesol, a culinary space that focuses on Mediterranean cuisine prepared with local products, understood as an expression of authenticity and uniqueness that respects the balance of the ecosystem, the protection of the biosphere, the ethical commitment to the island’s producers, articulated in dishes like Porc Negre and boletus rice, Ibizan cheese flan with candied figs, red scorpion fish à la Montesol and flame-grilled grouper with red Ibizan potatoes, among other succulent options. Enjoy a symphony of Ibizan flavours at Café Montesol 365 days/year with the best examples of the label Vi de la Terra d’Eivissa.

A love of gastronomy begins with respect for the land #MontesolConciousness

Words: Lady Press Agency

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