Carnaval in Ibiza

Spread the joy and experience the chic at Café Montesol


In medieval Christianity, Carnaval—whose name derives from the Latin expression, carnem levare (to remove meat)—was a period of permissiveness, of social critique, during which the rulers, nobles, and clergy were lampooned. The roots of this pagan festival can be traced back to the ancient Roman festivals of Saturnalia and Bacchanalia, associated with the completion of winter planting, the onset of spring, and the fertility of a new cycle. It is, in short, a festive period in the run-up to Lent, celebrated with tremendous merrymaking in the month of February in a large part of the western world.


Each place experiences Carnaval differently, though they all share common elements: masks, music, dance, costumes, colour, and celebration! Every year in Ibiza, the whole island celebrates Carnaval on a massive scale with enormous enthusiasm. Each town has a parade and schedules parallel celebrations in theatres and public spaces, like parks and squares. As the official capital of the Pityusic Islands, the Vila parade is the most spectacular.  


The Vila parade travels the city’s main streets, including Vara de Rey, the sunny promenade on which Café Montesol is located. Groups of singers and dancers accompany floats, dance troupes, crowds of friends, and revellers of all ages on a tour that fills the city with joy and colour, before culminating with a collective meal to which everyone—participants and the public—is invited. It is the central event of a celebration that extends throughout the month of February and that includes concerts, workshops, children’s activities, and iconic dates like Fat Thursday and the Burial of the Sardine.


At Café Montesol we love Carnaval and we will celebrate it this year with music, food, and fun surprises that we’ll share on our social networks and our website ( so you can enjoy it too in a chic, cosmopolitan atmosphere.

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